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  • Get made up to wear your glasses! 6 Quick Makeup Tips to beautiful eyes!

    6 Quick Makeup Tips if you Wear Glasses

    If you’ve ever thought, “I’ll just wear glasses today so I don’t have to put on eye makeup…” — that’s not a thing. It’s not the same as throwing your hair up…

  • July Guy

    The Markings of #JulyGuy Style

    We’ve dedicated the month of July to Men’s Style, in hopes of finding the #JulyGuy.  We’ve been on the hunt for fun-in-the-sun summer guys with good style,…

  • What’s Your Sunglasses Style?

    Pick any sunny 80 degree day in New York City, look around and you’ll see that 94% of the people outside have something in common: They’re all wearing sunglasses.…

  • Mothers Day Style

    Make this Mother’s Day a HAUTE One!

    This Mother’s Day, let’s celebrate the chic, undeniably fashionable and irresistible mommas of the world who are in love with fashion. You know who we’re talking about-the…

    #EyeStyle for Every Age

    “Is this age-appropriate?” That’s one question you’ll hear floating around dressing rooms and the answer is sometimes obvious.  If you have to ask, it probably isn’t.…


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