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How to Match Your Eyeglasses to Your Clothes

square face shape

If you wear prescription glasses, you should take them into account when you get dressed in the morning to avoid fashion faux pas. You don’t need to have designer frames to look good. Here are 5 simple tricks for coordinating your glasses and your wardrobe from Deborah Boland, an image coach and consultant.

1. Avoid jewelry clash. Your glasses and your earrings shouldn’t compete for attention. Since the glasses are more prominent, keep the earrings and assorted bangles toned down.

2. Consider your shape. Your face shape can drastically affect which glasses will look good on you. Square frames tend to flatter round faces while oval faces work with a wide range of frame shapes and styles.

3. Accesorize. It’s especially important to have your glasses harmonize with the metallic colors in your outfit. Would they blend better with a silver belt buckle, or a bronze- or gold-colored purse clasp?

4. Through thick and thin. If you wear wire-frame glasses or rimless glasses, your jewelry and other accoutrements should also be thin and fine. If you rock thick-rimmed glasses, your accessories should be chunky, too.

5. Cultivate a personal style. If your clothes tend to be on the reserved side, don’t mix them with funky glasses. The reverse is true if you’re a flashy dresser. Of course, with multiple frames you can sport different styles for work and when you let your hair down.


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