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Fashion Comes to 3D Glasses


The hype surrounding 3D movie glasses has Hollywood studios tripping over themselves to provide moviegoers with car chases and explosions in an extra dimension, but the fashion element of those glasses has been overlooked until now. 3D glasses given out in theaters are typically bulky cardboard or cheap plastic and often give people headaches. But recently, a number of major eyeglasses brands have announced their own 3D fashion sunglasses for those who want a more stylish 3D experience.

Here are the brands that are offering customers trendy 3D glasses:

Oakley 3D Glasses: Oakley is rolling out their 3D glasses in partnership with Disney’s upcoming movie, Tron: Legacy. Though the movie does not come out until mid-December, these glasses are available in November for a $150 price tag. The glasses are compatible with any 3D movie screen and the company claims they are clearer and more comfortable than your standard 3D glasses.

Calvin Klein 3D Glasses: Calvin Klein partnered with Marchon3D, a company with the ability to make curved 3D lenses. The glasses are photochromic, so you can wear them inside or outside. They are due out next month in three styles for men and three for women, and they will cost $180.

Gucci 3D Glasses: The Gucci’s 3D glasses cost $225 and come in an aviator style, rather than the popular wraparound look. According to the tech blog, Gizmodo, this will mark you as “the most fashion-forward person in a dark room full of people who can’t see anything.”

Armani Exchange 3D Glasses: Armani’s 3D specs will come in a navigator style and some bonus features, such as a coating to reduce glare, and another coating that is supposed to reduce glare from looking in a mirror and improve contrast. Since these glasses are for movie theater use only, they are priced at the relatively low $58, and they are also due out in December.


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