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How to Clean and Maintain Your Eyeglasses

how to clean eyeglasses

The better you treat your eyeglasses, the longer they’ll last, and yet many people ignore the basic suggestions for cleaning and maintaining a pair of prescription glasses. That said, it’s important to know what types of trouble with your eyeglasses you can fix you self and which ones you should probably go to your optician to help resolve.

Here are 7 things you should know about cleaning eyeglasses and maintaining or repairing them:

1. Eyeglass cleaning cloths – Typically a pair of eyeglasses will come with a special cloth used for cleaning them. You should use these lint-free microfiber cloths because they are gentler and less likely to scratch your lenses than say that bottom of your sweater.

2. Extreme measures – When your glasses are extremely dirty, you should wipe them carefully with soap and water using the eyeglass cleaning cloth, then allow them to air dry. If you’re still having trouble you can purchase some eyeglass lens cleaner.

3. Don’t get caught – By using both hands instead of one hand whenever you remove your eyeglasses from your face, you can greatly increase the life of your glasses. This prevents the earpieces from getting caught on your hair or ears and twisting the frame out of shape over time.

4. Eyeglass cases – When your eyeglasses aren’t resting on the bridge of your nose, they should be in a hard eyeglass case. Otherwise they’re likely to get sat upon, trampled underfoot, or knocked off a table or other surface.

5. Beware the weather – Plastic fashion frames can sometimes lose their shape in hot weather, especially if you leave them on the dashboard of your car. Opticians can reheat the frames to get them back in shape; you should not attempt to bend the eyeglass frames on your own.

6. Loose screws – You should check your glasses on a regular basis to make sure the fit is still comfortable. If a screw is simply loose you may be able to fix it using an eyeglass repair kit but for anything more complicated you should take it in to your optician, who will typically adjust it for free.

7. Upright and locked position – If you decide to lie down, you should probably take your glasses off. Otherwise you might drift off, roll over, and bend them out of shape.


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