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2010: The Year of Celebrity Eyeglasses


Celebrities often use their fame to launch businesses or product lines, with varying degrees of success. Some design clothing, others write children’s books, and still others launch perfumes or colognes. But this year, for whatever reason, droves of celebrities, particularly musicians, brought out their own eyewear lines.

This trend counts marquee names like Madonna, Justin Timberlake, and Lady Gaga among its celebrity entrepreneurs, and most recently, singer-songwriter Lisa Loeb brought out her own eyewear line. Unlike Gaga and co., Loeb’s signature cat-eye glasses are just that, an integral part of her look and her brand.

While Madonna partnered with Dolce & Gabbana to bring out her glasses, Lady Gaga collaborated with London label, Linda Farrow, and Timberlake brought his glasses out through William Rast, a clothing company he co-founded, Loeb chose to work with San Diego-based designer Classique Eyewear   .

“We’ve tried to capture her iconic style, her sexy librarian look that she has become very well known for,” says Craig Glasser, the company’s CEO. With the eyewear line, Loeb hoped to give women a range of options, from more reserved fashion frames to funkier numbers with rhinestones and etchings on the earpieces. Each style of frames bears the name of one of Loeb’s songs. The line also includes some unisex options, for men interested in this style of eyeglasses.


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