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Glasses of the 10 Most Googled Celebrities of 2010

michael jackson - ray ban

December means bundling up for the chillier weather, especially for those of us in northern latitudes; but it’s also the time for year-end lists. This tradition gives bloggers the chance to weigh in on the most important news, events, and products of the past 12 months. In that spirit, Cohen’s Fashion Optical would like to present you with the fashion eyewear choices of the 10 Most Googled Celebrities of 2010. 

We’ll begin from the bottom of the list to build suspense.

10. Angelina Jolie –

angelina jolie barton perreiraGoogled over 11 million times, Jolie should feel no shame about rounding out the bottom of this list. Here, she’s rocking a pair of Barton Perreira fashion sunglasses in a style called Emmanuelle.

9. Kanye West –

kanye west diorKanye should feel a little shame but also not for his placement on this list. His career had more ups and downs in 2010 than a Six Flags roller coaster, which raked in more than 20 million Google searches for him. Here he’s sporting some Dior designer frames in Black tie style 66.



8 – 7. Madonna and Chris Brown –

madonna - gucci

chris brown diesel

Here we have our first tie on the list with Madonna and Chris Brown both netting over 30 million Google searches. She can be seen with these Gucci frames that are very reminiscent of Tom Ford, and he is pictured in some photochromatic Diesel frames.

6. Britney Spears –britney spears - tom ford

Despite not having released an album since 2008, Britney Spears still got a healthy 37 million Google searches. Here she’s wrapped in some Tom Ford fashion frames.







5. Taylor Swift –

taylor swift ray ban wayfarersThis was a big year for Taylor Swift, what with her silver screen debut in the movie Valentine’s Day and her album Speak Now, released in October. But the starlet wasn’t too busy to stay fashionable. Here she’s wearing some cherry red Ray Ban Wayfarers. (Googled 45 million times)

4 – 3. Beyonce and Miley Cyrus –

miley cyrus roberto cavalli  Here Beyonce was spotted wearing some Marc Jacobs fashion frames with a trapezoidal look. Miley Cyrubeyonce knowles - marc jacobss is posing in her Roberto Cavalli aviator sunglasses in a style called Tiresia. (Googled 68 million times)

2 – 1. Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga –

Death has not proved a barrier for the King of Pop to being one of the most Googled celebrities on the planet. Here is a picture of him in some Ray Bans from 2009. Of course, at the top of the list is none other than the Queen of Pop, Lady Gaga. In one of her more reserved looks, Gaga is decked out with some stylish Tom Fords. (Googled 151 million times)

lady gaga - tom fordmichael jackson - ray ban


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