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Driving Glasses for All Kinds of Weather

prescription glasses for driving

If you wear prescription glasses, you might be hesitant to walk out of the house without wearing a pair, much less get behind the wheel of a car. And yet, an alarming 20 percent of eyeglass wearers occasionally plop themselves down in the driver’s seat wearing non-prescription sunglasses, according to a recent study conducted by Essilor of America, an optical lens manufacturer.

Whether you’re driving in summer or winter, the glare coming directly from the sun, as well as reflecting off the snow and other vehicles is a real impediment to driving safely. The best option is to get glasses with polarized, or photochromic lenses. Clinical trials found that drivers who wear these types of lenses while behind the wheel improved their reactions times by about 1/3 of a second.

driving glasses in snowWhile this might seem like an insignificant improvement, if your car is traveling at 50 mph, that’s a 23-foot difference in how soon you’re able to break, which is the length of a typical intersection. The best part of getting lenses that adjust in sunlight is that they are versatile, and can serve not only as driving glasses but as all-purpose indoor or outdoor eyewear.


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