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Consumer Electronics Show Highlights Glasses-free 3D

glasses free 3D

As is often the way with technology, it’s a grueling marathon in which gadgets at the cutting edge are continually being brushed into obsolescence. Just a couple of months ago, we covered a spate of companies make 3D fashion sunglasses and now the tech world is ready to take 3D glasses-free. Or are they?

A handful of companies at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show have been showcasing glasses-free 3D televisions and devices in hopes of overcoming consumer objections to the technology that made such a splash with Avatar, but garnered a bitter backlash as Hollywood execs attempted to force the feature on as many moviegoers as possible.

Electronics giants such as Sharp, LG, and Toshiba were hopeful of wooing consumers at this year’s CES in Las Vegas but some reviewers were highly underwhelmed. The website Consumerist was particularly critical of LG’s glasses free offering saying, “the company also had to put a white line in the carpet to show onlookers where to stand. And even then you must stand dead-center to get a semi-decent 3D effect.”

Many companies passed on bringing their 3D offerings to Sin City saying that while the technology might one day be found in a majority of living rooms, it’s still in too nascent a stage to be waggled in front of the gizmo-buying public.

Below is a video of Sony’s glasses-free 3D television. Admittedly much of the effect is lost on YouTube, but technophiles who can’t make it to Vegas can still dream, can’t they?


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