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Lady Gaga’s Camera Glasses

lady gaga polaroid glasses

Photo credit: Sam Spratt, Gizmodo

It used to be said that when former Federal Reserve chairman Alan Greenspan sneezed, Wall St. caught a cold. Similarly, in the fashion world, Lady Gaga can’t wipe her nose without drawing down a whirlwind of press and discussion. Recently, however at the 2011 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Gaga was making waves not for a dress made out of meat but for some fashion sunglasses, with a cool technological twist.

Above and beyond her active music career, Lady Gaga makes time to serve as Polaroid’s creative director / celebrity spokesperson, and at this year’s CES she unveiled three new products for the company, most notably a pair of camera glasses.

The new line, which Gaga designed for Polaroid’s Grey Label, is composed of a bulky pair of fashion sunglasses that also function as a digital camera. Users can surreptitiously take photos and then display the results on the lenses and choose whether or not to save them. Gaga got the idea for the glasses from a pair of fashion frames she wore earlier in her career that featured lenses made up of iPod screens.

What impressed many in the blogosphere was the hands-on involvement that Lady Gaga purports to have in the design process, which is much more than most celebrity shills can say.

Gizmodo has an interesting reflection on how these glasses could interrupt the subtle body language exchange in which a person’s eyes play such a crucial role. It seems more likely, however, that these glasses place the wearer in an aloof world of their own, untroubled by paparazzi or the hoi palloi, in just the same ways as regular shades do. These just have some bonus techno features.

What do you think, will Lady Gaga’s glasses catch on?


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