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Justin Bieber’s Purple Glasses (in 3D)


Justin Bieber’s publicist deserves a pat on the back. Maybe two. While the Canadian pop singer garnered the adoration of YouTube users all on his own, he has since been surrounded with some brilliant marketing minds. Take as Exhibit A the one-two PR punch of his appearances at the Critic’s Choice Awards and the Golden Globes this past weekend, sporting a novelty moustache and some purple glasses respectively.

At Friday’s Critic’s Choice Awards, Bieber was wearing black, thick rimmed fashion frames and a black stick-on handlebar moustache to match. Since sideline commentators and members of the press often take serious stock of the fashion faux pas and trend setting new styles of various celebrities, Bieber’s stache stood out all the more.

This sparked a curiosity in his fans about whether he would flout the stuffy powers that be by wearing the moustache, or an even kookier get up, at the higher profile Golden Globes later in the weekend.

Instead, Bieber hit the red carpet in a pair of 3D purple glasses to plug Never Say Never,the upcoming biopic about his rise to fame, which will arrive in theaters in 3D. He managed to garner critical approval for bringing a puckish air to the usual formality surrounding such Hollywood shindigs and promote his movie at the same time. Whatever you think of Justin Bieber’s music, his marketing strategy is pure brilliance.


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