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Flava Flav’s Sunglasses

Flavor Flav glasses

Flava Flav, the 90s era hip hop hype man and 00s reality TV star, is entering a new field to inaugurate a new decade by becoming an entrepreneur. The co-founder of the rap group Public Enemy and the star of the VH1 shows The Surreal Life and later Flavor of Love recently opened Flav’s Fried Chicken (FFC) in, of all places, Clinton, Iowa.

In addition to his roles as a rapper and reality TV personality, Flava Flav is known for his outlandish fashion style, including wearing a giant clock around his neck, sporting gold plating on his teeth, and of course, wearing some kooky fashion sunglasses.

Though his whole aesthetic might seem downright bizarre, in some ways it was ahead of it’s time. Though the type of shades he wears never particularly caught on, he claims to have started the trend of rappers decking out their dentalwear in precious metals.

In the picture to the right, his glasses are pretty unremarkable compared to the rest of his get up, but sometimes he wears a unique style of bug-eyed goggles with straps going over the top of his head (below).

flava flav glasses 2Flava Flav hopes to turn the chicken joint into a nationwide chain and he already has people interested in opening franchises. What many people don’t realize about him, though, is that he has a culinary degree and growing up, his father owned a restaurant called the Soul Diner. Whether his familiarity with the food industry will help the chain take off is anybody’s guess, but if it can reach a fraction of the iconic status of his gargantuan clock or his golden grill, he’ll be laughing all the way to the bank.


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