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Dwayne Wade’s Glasses Decide the Game

Throughout the history of sports many a game has hinged on minutia, and victory or defeat can be determined by something as small as a stone on the field, a fan overzealous for a memento, or a player’s poor eyesight. In the case of Dwayne Wade, a point guard for the Miami Heat, he doesn’t need prescription glasses but rather specially tinted sports goggles.

Unfortunately for Wade and his teammates, the NBA has refused to allow him to wear the sports glasses he wanted to wear protesting that they were too dark. Wade wears the glasses because they keep out the bright lights of the arena which can aggravate his chronic, unpredictable migraines.

Even if Wade had been allowed to wear the darker shades, it might not have helped prevent his team’s defeat at the hands of the New York Knicks the other day. Anyone who requires prescription eyewear and has played competitive sports at one point in their lives can tell you the problems with sports goggles: they have a tendency to fog up on you and they don’t always stay on your face properly.

Despite his admirable performance, scoring 34 points, Wade’s eyewear sometimes cost him and his team as can be seen in the video below.


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