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How to Keep Your Glasses From Fogging Up

fogged up glasses

Late last week, we talked about Dwayne Wade’s glasses and how sports goggles can fog up at inconvenient times. This in turn called to mind the perennial problem of prescription glasses fogging up in the winter time, especially when you come in out of the cold and into a hot and crowded restaurant or bar. Here are some ways to avoid that problem.

It’s a little known fact that water vapor is continually condensing on your eyeglass lenses, however you only notice it when the rate of the condensing droplets outstrips the speed at which they’re evaporating such as in a humid environment.

One preventative measure you can take is to make sure your cold weather gear, such as a scarf or a face mask, isn’t channeling your breath directly towards your glasses. You can try repositioning your winterwear, or if that fails, a thicker scarf might prevent your breath from reaching your lenses altogether.

You can also buy commercial anti-fogging solution, which you apply to both sides of your lenses and then allow to air dry. For those who take a more DIY approach, you can mix a solution of three quarters water and one quarter vinegar and use it the same way.

Finally, if you know you’ll be entering a warm and crowded place, you can preempt this problem by making the transition slowly. You may not always have time for this option, especially if you’re getting into a heated car, but it’s good to know about if you happen to have left your anti-fogging solution at home.


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