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Black History Month 2011

malcolm x horn rimmed glasses

February marks Black History Month, and Cohen’s Fashion Optical would like to take the opportunity to commemorate some of the civil rights leaders and activists who took their stand against injustice and oppression while wearing spectacles.

Perhaps the civil rights leader who is most famous for his prescription glasses is Malcolm X. A Muslim minister, activist, and powerful public speaker, he was a vocal critic of the inequalities that existed as a chasm between people different races in 1960s America. He was known to wear thick, black, horn-rimmed glasses.

Another bespectacled fixture of the civil rights movement was Rosa Parks. Parks first entered the public eye when she was arrested for refusing to give up her seat to a white person on a public bus. Though her eyewear was not quite as iconic as Malcolm X’s, she wore rimless glasses with cable bow earpieces.

rosa parks black history monthLast but not least, is Shirley Chisholm, who announced in 1972 that she would run for president. She was the first black major-party candidate to vie for the highest office in the land as well as the first female Democratic candidate for the position. She also wore horn-rimmed glasses but in a style that was more rounded, with more flowing lines than Malcolm X’s glasses.

Shirley Chisholm black history month


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