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Dry Eyes Syndrome


If you ever hear someone say that crying is healthy it’s about more than not bottling up your emotions. The enzymes in your tears are part of what keeps your eyes moist; they also help you fight the invasion of microbes and other beasties looking to take up residence on your peepers.

Dry eyes have many causes, and one is that the condition simply intensifies with age, particularly with women going through menopause. Climate control systems such as AC in the summer and heating in the winter can dry out your eyes as can long hours in front of the computer. What’s more, diseases such as lupus and rheumatoid arthritis can aggravate dry eyes.

But perhaps the biggest problem for dry eyes sufferers is contact lenses. It’s hard to isolate cause and effect when it comes to dry eyes and contact lenses because dry eye syndrome increases the discomfort of contact lenses and rubbing your contact lenses against your eyes can cause dry eyes.

There are many products available for people suffering with dry eyes, including special cleaning solutions and more breathable lenses. There have also been small studies suggesting that homeopathic treatments such as acupuncture could help ease the discomfort that comes from having lazy lacrimal ducts.

But perhaps the most practical solution is to alternate wearing eyeglasses and contact lenses. This should give your eyes time to recuperate from the close proximity of contacts without having to give them up altogether.


2 Responses to “Dry Eyes Syndrome”

  1. Mandie Skaar

    Symptom assessment is a key component of dry eye diagnosis – to the extent that many believe dry eye syndrome to be a symptom-based disease. Several questionnaires have been developed to determine a score that would allow for dry eye diagnosis. The McMonnies & Ho dry eye questionnaire is often used in clinical studies of dry eyes. It has 14 questions, resulting in a score from 0 to 45. Scores above 14.5 are consistent with dry eyes. `.:^

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  2. Palmer Mackynen

    Having dry eyes for a while can lead to tiny abrasions on the surface of the eyes. In advanced cases, the epithelium undergoes pathologic changes, namely squamous metaplasia and loss of goblet cells. –:*

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