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Celebrity Impersonators and Their Glasses


Last week ersatz Elvises, faux Frank Sinatra’s, and bootleg Bill Clinton’s swarmed Las Vegas for the 11th annual Celebrity Impersonators Convention. This got us over at Cohen’s Fashion Optical thinking about the important role that a celebrity’s fashion frames play in their look.

It’s an interesting question for anyone who has considered a celebrity Halloween costume, but many of these impersonators are looking to turn their doppelganger looks into a full time career.

AOL News spoke to one Sarah Palin impersonator who got started when her niece  suggested that she dress as the controversial Republican VP candidate for Halloween. Not only did Debbie Cavalier take home a costume party prize that night but she reprised the costume to help rally voters in Daytona, Florida where she works as a real estate agent.

Impersonating a political figure is a much tougher gig than aping an entertainer. Some of the most in-demand celebrities on the impersonator circuit include Elvis and Marilyn Monroe, of course, as well as Johnny Depp, Angelina Jolie, and increasingly Lady Gaga.

If you’re looking to acquire Palin’s glasses, the general style is rimless lenses with titanium frames. Other celebrities with notable eyewear include Ozzy Osbourne, who sports round lenses that are occasionally pink, Tina Fey’s dark-rimmed cat eye glasses, or Justin Bieber’s purple glasses.


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