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Do Eyeglasses Help Your Job Prospects?


A couple of weeks ago, we posed the question to our readers of whether glasses make you seem innocent, and now we’ve come across the news that rocking some fashion frames could help your chances with prospective employers.

While the stereotype that four eyed folks possess special intellectual gifts is an old one, that doesn’t mean it’s grown any less powerful with age. One in three adults thinks that eyeglass wearers look more professional, and in this job market, people are willing to try almost anything that will give them an edge. Earlier this year, the College of Optometrists conducted a study which found that 40 percent of people would don eyewear they didn’t need if it would help them snag a job.

In a possibly related emerging trend, many celebrities such as Kirsten Dunst, Kelly Osbourne, and Kanye West have been spotted wearing non-prescription glasses. This could be linked to a growing acceptance of the idea that glasses need not always be utilitarian, but can sometimes be purely about fashion.

If you’re an older job hunter however, you might want to go with contact lenses and a more youthful look for your interview. Ultimately, however, the biggest boost from wearing glasses would likely come from whether they improved your own sense of comfort and confidence, rather than their mind-bending power over your interviewer. They’re just another part of your outfit you can use in a calculated attempt to make the best first impression.


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