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Fidel Castro Tweets


Well not exactly. The former Cuban president and communist revolutionary’s Twitter account, which recently surpassed 100,000 followers, is actually maintained by the Cuba Debate staff. This recently achieved milestone handily ranks Castro as having more Twitter followers than @God but far fewer than say Charlie Sheen.

Castro’s fashion style was once characterized by his short-brimmed hat, his bushy beard, his ever-present cigar, and a pair of heavy dark-rimmed prescription glasses. As you can see to the right, the frames are a more masculine take on cat eye glasses with an upside down trapezoidal shape to the frame and a very thick bridge. This style was quite popular throughout Latin America, and in Cuba in particular in the 50’s and 60’s.

In recent years, Castro is not spotted quite as often in his iconic glasses, but then, having resigned from the presidency of Cuba in early 2008, he probably has more time now to put in his contact lenses in the morning.

Many of Castro’s tweets contain choice excerpts of his musings on current events around the world, which also run in a regular column in Cuban state-run newspapers. He has expressed his concern that the world is headed towards a nuclear apocalypse and used the platform to criticize the U.S. and NATO’s handling of the current situation in Libya.

Maybe it’s time for him to be taken off this list of 10 dictators who should have considered using contact lenses.


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