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Goodbye Helmet Cam, Hello Social Media Glasses


For a while if you wanted to broadcast video footage of your daily experiences, whether you were partaking in extreme sports, attending a political rally, or just sitting around the house in your pajamas, the most popular option was a helmet cam, which alternately make you look like a coal miner with a funky fashion sense or a skateboarder with an antenna sticking out of your head.

A company called ZionEyez recently released a pair of designer frames that they’re referring to as “social media glasses.” First 3D glasses got a fashion makeover, then Lady Gaga developed camera glasses that allow the wearer to take digital photos, so these social media glasses are the next logical step in the evolution of documenting the most mundane or explosive elements of the world around you.

The glasses allow the wearer to steam high definition 1080p video via USB or Bluetooth to your computer or mobile phone, and that stream can also be set up to go straight to various social networking accounts that you control.

While this the technology itself is not new or revolutionary, as some bloggers have pointed out, the fashion evolution of a device like this can have a dramatic impact on how it gets used. The more fashionable or aesthetically pleasing these video glasses are, especially in comparison to helmet cams, the more likely people will be to wear them. And that means the likelihood of capturing that interesting snippet of video that could provide some sort of value to the world is that much greater.


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