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Zooey Deschanel’s Glasses: Celebrity Power Couples Edition


When you think of celebrity power couples, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, and even the recently wed Prince William and Kate Middleton might come to mind. In fact those dynamic duos took the three top spots on Zimbio’s 100 Hottest Celebrity Couples list.

However, if you’re looking for a couple with a little more indie cred, and some sexy designer frames to boot, you need only look as far as the actress / chanteuse Zooey Deschanel and her husband, Death Cab for Cutie frontman Ben Gibbard.

Sadly, the couple dropped from the #43 slot on last year’s list to a mere #78 this year. Public adoration seems to be a fickle mistress. But they still have our respect. Both Deschanel and Gibbard can act, both can sing, and both can rock some seriously sexy dark rimmed glasses.

Zimbio rankben-gibbard-glassess the couples’ hotness based on four criteria: their popularity, success, attractiveness, and staying power. You can see the full list here. Is there anyone who you think should have made it that didn’t? Let us know in the comments. You get bonus points for each member of the couple that can be counted among the four-eyed segment of society. Celebrity lookalike photos are also welcome.


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