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Jerry Seinfeld in Retro Glasses


It’s an interesting time to be in the business of funny business. The Internet radio station Pandora just added 10,000 comedy clips to it’s already massive music genome project, comedians are making expert use of social media sites such as Twitter, and managing to split our sides in a mere 140 characters. But some feel that many comedians still aren’t capturing the full potential of the Internet for their medium.

Jerry Seinfeld, admittedly a Johnny-come-lately to having a presence online, launched his eponymous, personal website this past Friday to much ballyhoo-ing from the New York Times. What makes Seinfeld’s site different is its heavy focus on content curation and vintage footage rather than it’s attempt to use every social media tool under the sun.

“I really thought, ‘Where’s my stuff going to be when I’m dead?’ ” Mr. Seinfeld told the New York Times this past Tuesday. “Is it just gone for all time? Who could sift through it? I thought, I should filter this out and be the judge of what I thought was good.”

One of the first clips Seinfeld released features him in oversized glasses (Would these have been considered fashion frames even at the time? It’s hard to say with the 1970’s.), wide lapels, and bell bottoms doing stand-up on such timeless topics as tramways. Even if some of his sketches have aged better than others, Seinfeld’s site seems likely to make a haven for his fans, a model for other working stiffs in the comedy world, and of course a lesson in fashion don’ts for the rest of us.


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