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Ashley Greene’s Paul Frank Sunglasses

Ashley Greene recently finished filming Breaking Dawn, the final installment of the Twilight series, in which she plays Alice Cullen, the vampire adopted sister of Robert Pattinson’s Edward Cullen. Offscreen however, Greene certainly doesn’t need to fear the light of the sun, and she was recently seen at the Coachella music festival in sunny Indio, California sporting some Paul Frank fashion sunglasses.

This is a pivotal moment in Greene’s career, as she will be making her first major screen appearance in a non-Twilight related role. Skateland, which opened in the United States this past weekend, features Greene as the love interest of a roller rink rat in early 1980’s Texas. The coming of age tale will likely give Greene a chance to show some more serious acting chops.

The tabloids have also been buzzing about Greene, formerly an item with Joe Jonas, and since their split, the gossip media has gotten a kick out of chronicling the young men of Hollywood with whom she’s been spotted around town.

But returning to Greene’s choice of eyewear, tune in later this week for our help decoding what a celebrity’s eyewear choices say about the image they’re trying to project and how you can mimic their allure if you simply master the symbolism of different sunglasses.


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