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What Your Fashion Sunglasses Say About You


Slate has an interesting article on how famous musicians, actors, and politicians rock particular fashion sunglasses to communicate a very specific message about the image they’d like to project, but there’s no reason you can’t use those tips as a guide to crafting your own style.

The article says that at this year’s Cannes Film Festival, sunglasses have become a crucial accessory, even more so than at other celebrity-studded events. If stars want to evoke the icons that have gone before them such as Grace Kelly or Steve McQueen, more and more they’re using their shades as the way to do that.

Sometimes, especially in the summer, you might want shades that showcase your aloofness and cool. Esquire magazine’s senior fashion editor, Gareth Scourfield, purchased a pair of Ray-Ban Clubmaster classics after being inspired by a fashion story the magazine ran about JFK.

However, in more conservative lines of work, you want to give an entirely different impression. Peter Stevenson, a London barrister, that’s a lawyer to you Yanks, says, “On a sunny day you could probably get away with a pair of Ray-Bans but mirrored lenses are out of the question. Barristers need at least to give the impression of being trustworthy; concealing your eyes is not the best way to achieve that.”

Similarly, it might make sense for a musician to wear shades outdoors where they don’t wanted to get spotted or need to deflect the glare of paparazzi flashes but if they wore shades to a concert, it keeps them from making a personal connection with fans, which is part of the point of the concert going experience.

So whether you want to show your classy side or get casual by the poolside, there’s a pair of frames to help you accomplish that.


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