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Brad Pitt, Sunglasses Trendsetter


While some celebrities prefer dark shades to fight off the glare of paparazzi flashes, a new trend among male actors is transparent fashion sunglasses. After all celebrities put so much effort into looking good, why hide it all behind tinted shades.

At the forefront of this trend are Hollywood hunks Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, and Jude Law. The actors were first spotted rocking their stylish eyewear at the Cannes Film Festival. Each of these leading men sports the see-through look in their own way.

Brad Pitt, who was on the press circuit for his film Tree of Life wore tortoise shell frames with a cinnamon-colored fade. The style was inspired by Colin Firth’s character in A Single Man. Tom Ford, who directed that Oscar-nominated film, also designed the glasses.

Depp was seen wearing the “Lemtosh” style which has been worn by iconic figures of the past including Buddy Holly and Truman Capote. Unlike Pitt’s look, Depp brings the see-through lenses to life with light purple lenses, silver accents accents on the sides of the frames, and rounder frames to fit the shape of his head.

Finally, Jude Law went for blocky frames with rounded edges and big chunky earpieces, and a darker gradient to his shades that either of the other two actors. Whether these fashions will catch on with the common man remains to be seen, but it seems that for now, the see-through trend is not going anywhere.


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