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The Unabomber’s Five-figure Sunglasses


Even Hollywood A-listers don’t often shell out five figure sums for a pair of fashion sunglasses, unless of course, they’re coated in precious stones. But the Unabomber, Ted Kaczynski’s sunglasses and hoodie recently sold at auction for just over $20,000.

Kaczynski, a former professor and mathematician, became infamous for a series of mail bombings over the course of two decades that killed three people and injured many more. After his 1996 arrest, Kaczynski’s name became synonymous with extreme reclusiveness and technophobia.

In the widely disseminated FBI sketch of the Unabomber, he is pictured wearing large, dark, aviator sunglasses, and a tight-fitting hoodie. The notoriety of these accessories is likely part of the reason why they fetched such a high auction price. All of the money raised from selling Kaczynski’s possessions went to compensate his victims.

In addition to his distinctive sunglasses and hoodie, U.S. Marshalls sold off Kaczynski’s handwritten manifesto, his typewriter, tools, photos, and thousands of other pages of hand written documents. The auction took place despite Kaczynski’s legal protests, he claimed that the sale of his journals was a violation of his right to freedom of speech. Total sales of his effects netted $232,246 in an online auction that concluded last week.


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