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Polaroid Kicks Off Sunglasses Design Contest


It used to be that you had to be Lady Gaga to get a sweet gig crafting designer sunglasses for a company like Polaroid. Recently, however, the company opened up that opportunity to anyone who thinks they have the fashion sense or design experience to give it a try.

Polaroid is hoping to spur their consumers to design some sunglasses inspired by decades past or decades yet to come (in a press release, the company cheekily encouraged designers to find their muse from any point in time between 1930 and 2020).

As many as 10 of the top designs will be chosen for inclusion in Polaroid Eyewear’s “Best Under The Sun” Signature Sunglass Collection, which will be made available in the spring of 2013. An earlier installment in that collection debuted this spring featuring reproductions of sunglasses worn by celebrities and icons over the past few decades.

In addition to getting their name in the product description of the glasses, the winning designers will rake in the royalties for each pair of shades that’s sold. As the cherry on top, they will get to unveil their handiwork in fashion-forward Milan.

The contest is open until September 30th of this year, and the sunglasses designs will be judged not only by a panel of experts but by the votes of average Joes and Janes on Polaroid’s Facebook page. For more information about how to enter the contest, go to Polaroid’s website.


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