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Eye Vision Myths

We’ve all been exposed to various health theories…how do we separate the fact from the fiction?  Read below to debunk common eye myths so that you can stay on the right track when it comes to eye care.

Sitting too close to the television is bad for my vision.

Scientific evidence does not exist to support the claim that sitting too close to the television jeopardizes one’s vision.  While your eyes may become fatigued by sitting too close to the television set, they will not physically weaken.  In summary, if sitting close to the television is the most comfortable position for you, don’t worry about affecting your vision long term.  That said, if you are sitting close to the television because you cannot see at a further distance, schedule an eye exam to have your vision tested.

Reading in the dark is bad for my vision.

Again, reading in dim light may fatigue your eyes, but it will not harm your vision.  To avoid eye fatigue, read under a good source of light.

There is no reason to have my eyes checked before I am 40. 

Myth!  Even those of us lucky enough to have 20/20 vision should go for regular eye exams.  Vision aside, doctors also check for eye related diseases such as Glaucoma during routine eye exams.  As with any disease, early detection is the key to recovery.

Wearing glasses will make my vision worse over time.

Not the case.  While you may continue to experience further vision loss as you age, the loss will not be caused by the glasses or corrective lenses prescribed to you by your eye doctor.  Having your eyes examined regularly and making sure your prescription glasses are up to date will only have a positive impact on your vision.


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