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Questions to Consider Before Choosing Contacts

While contact lenses may not have the same ability to make a bold statement like a pair of designer frames can, they do offer several functional advantages over glasses. Whether it’s a choice of comfort, convenience, or just simply personal preference, more and more people are scheduling eye exams and ordering contact lenses each day. If you are thinking about switching to contacts, here are three questions to consider before visiting your eye doctor.

1.)    How Often Will You Be Wearing Contacts?
One of the very first questions you should ask yourself is how often do you plan to wear your contacts. It’s important to determine the frequency of your contact usage, as it will help determine which type of contacts you choose, either hard (rigid gas permeable) or soft.

Will you only wear your contacts every now and then, or will you be wearing contacts each and every day? If you are the latter, hard contacts may make the most sense. Although they take some time to adjust to, with regular every day usage, hard contacts will become more comfortable. However, if you are looking for flexibility and plan on switching back and forth between contacts and glasses, soft contacts may be the best option as they require little time to adjust to.

2.)    Do You Intend to Wear Your Contacts For Long Periods of Time?
Do you envision yourself taking your contacts out each night before bed or do you plan on sleeping with your contacts in? If you plan to continually wear your contacts, let your optometrist know. While extended usage of contacts is often advised against, as it can create health risks, the FDA has approved certain contacts that allow high amounts of oxygen to pass through for extended & overnight wear.

3.)    Will You Have the Time to Properly Care for Your Contacts?
You are probably already thinking of all the convenience contacts will offer, but remember, they require proper care to keep your eyes healthy and happy. This will involve cleaning not only your contacts themselves, but also the case that your contacts are stored in each day. If you are not up to the task of cleaning and disinfecting your lenses and cases each and every day, look towards single use disposable lenses.

If you’ve taken the time to consider these three important questions, your next step will be to schedule an eye exam with your optometrist and get fitted for your new contact lenses!


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