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Frame Your Face for Spring and Eyecessorize!

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Frame your face for spring and eyecessorize!  This season is all about standing out and having fun.  Whether you prefer comfort or drama, there is a shape or style sure to brighten up your Spring wardrobe.  So how do you make sure you’re picking the perfect pair?  Easy!  The fashion experts at Cohen’s Fashion Optical have scoured the Spring 2012 runways and pulled the hottest trends for males and females.   What are you waiting for?  See the world in style!

Spring 2012’s Top Trends for Women

1.  Cat Eye

Meeeeeeeeoooow!  Move over Kourtney Kardashian, this fierce shape has been spotted all over the runways.  Whether you’re searching for new reading glasses or sunnies, springs most fashion forward shade is sure to make you purr. 

2.  Ladylike Details

Embrace your demur side and opt for shades rich in delicate pastels, lace, and floral motifs.  Pretty in pink is no longer for little girls, as rose-tinted lenses inject new life into your spring wardrobe and add a playful element of femininity to your style.  Pair with a big sunhat and you’ll be ready for the races!

3.  Perfect Circle

These glasses are no longer just for Jackie O.  Oversized, retro, circle frames are the perfect balance of sophistication and fun.  Opt for a bold color-block frame and these peepers might just become your go-to pair.


Spring 2012’s Top Trends for Men

1.  Sporty

Gentlemen, embrace your inner athlete.  Fashion has entered the eyewear arena!  Take your classic aviators and wayfarers up a notch by donning a pair in bright colors or with mirrored lenses.

2.  Retro Styles

What makes hipsters such trend setters?  Obviously, their eyewear!  The retro look is back and this spec is reserved for the coolest kids on the block.  Chunky, plastic frames are for men looking to standout, while the Dan Humphries of the world may prefer the understated elegance of a rimless frame.  

3.  Rustic Sophistication

Manly men and sophisticated gents unite with these timeless specs.  Heavily influenced by leather and wood accents, these honey and amber tone frames bellow luxury only known to Ralph Lauren himself.  Grab a tortoise frame and pair with a polo and jeans for a warm Hamptons evening.


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