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Have you found yourself stopping to smell the roses but unable to see the beautiful flowers?  If so, you are not alone.  Twenty percent of Americans are currently suffering from spring eye allergies.   We can thank the lovely mild winter for our misfortune, as the lack of cold air needed to kill off last season’s pollen, dust and mold spores ceased to exist.  As a result, the warm temperatures rushed in an early spring allergy season that is not only ahead of schedule but is predicted to be the worst allergy season in ten years!

I am sure some of you are pretty excited about the arrival of spring and all the beauty and life that comes with it.  However, spring equals flowers; flowers equal pollen; and pollen equals itchy, teary, gritty, red (often puffy) eyes.  Add this discomfort on top of wearing contact lenses and life can become pretty unbearable.

 Fact:  One in ten contact wearers will stop wearing their lenses due to allergies. 

Luckily, there are many easy and simple things you can do to protect your eyes without having to stay inside.  Follow the advice of the Optometrists at Cohen’s Fashion Optical and start enjoying the sights of spring!

1.  Avoid rubbing your eyes!  When you rub your eyes, your body releases extra histamine, prolonging your reaction and increasing discomfort.

2.  Apply cold compresses to the eye to reduce swelling and itching.

3.  Check your local pollen count and stay indoors when allergen levels are high.

4.  Avoidoutdoor activity in the morning when pollen counts are highest.

5.  Keep your windows closed and use air conditioners with clean filters.

6.  Use an air purifier to help remove pollens from the air.

7.  Use artificial tears/eye drops to flush out and wash away allergens.

8.  Contact lens wearers should use daily disposable contact lenses.  A clean, fresh lens every day will soothe the eye and will prevent the accumulation of allergen build-up in the lens.

9.  Wear wraparound sunglasses to help shield the eyes from allergens.

10.  Even if you do not wear glasses or contacts, see an Optometrist!


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