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Myth Busters: Sunglasses Edition

Have you ever caught yourself drifting off at your desk wondering what ‘facts” about sunglasses are actually true?  With so much hear-say these days it’s hard to decipher between helpful and useless tidbits of information.  It’s time to figure out a new topic for daydreaming, because Cohen’s Fashion Optical has taken the most well-known sunglass speculations and tackled them head on.  Get ready to play Fact or Myth!

1.)  Sunglasses with wide sides are strictly a fashion statement.

Myth:  In the sun, light eases its way through the sides of your sunglasses making it uncomfortable for your eyes to see.  As a result, sunglasses with wider frames block incoming sunlight while protecting the sides of your eyes from potential danger.  The added bonus for fashionistas is that designers have a little more space to enhance and embellish the frame.  Just keep in mind that while sunglasses with wide sides protect the eye, they also can hinder peripheral vision.

2.)  All sunglasses reduce glare.

Myth:  Sunlight reflected off water or glass will still bother the wearer unless his/her sunglasses are polarized.  Polarized sunglasses minimize glare while adding comfort by putting a stop to squinting.  Can you say no more forced wrinkles!  Nonetheless, polarized lenses do not block UV rays, so make sure to purchase a pair that contains both features.

3.)  The darker the lenses the better the ultra-violet (UV) ray protection.

Myth:  Truth be told, the color of your lenses has no correlation to UV ray protection.  Light colored sunglass lenses are not worse for your eyes than dark colored lenses, as long as the light lenses possess a coating of UV ray protective.  However, certain colors of lenses cause color distortion.  As a general rule, dark grey shades will distort the colors of reality the least, while shades of green cause more color distortion.  The important thing to remember is that you purchase sunglasses with UV ray protective coating on the lenses.

So next time you spot a pair of MUST HAVE sunglasses, make sure they are both stylish and sun safe!


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