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The Proper Way to Clean Your Eyeglasses

Washing Glasses

Raise your hand if you breathe on your glasses and use your shirt to clean them? Most of you are probably nodding your heads in agreement right now! We are all likely guilty of this at least once in a while. Let’s face it, using this method is easy and convenient, but it is also one of the worst ways to wipe dirt away. The main issue with using your shirt is that the threads are constantly collecting dirt and dust that are not visible to the naked eye. These particles can scratch your lenses very easily and there is no way to buff the blemishes out.

The Best Method

The best way to get all the grime off your glasses is to use warm water with a drop of soap and dry them with a soft cotton cloth. While washing the lenses, remember to clean the frame. If you have a soft toothbrush, you can use it to get into the tougher to reach spots like around the nose pads (but definitely not on the lenses!).

Using soap and water seems pretty straightforward, but make sure to steer clear of certain soaps and cloths. Any soap or cleaning product with ammonia, bleach, vinegar, window cleaner, or alcohol is off limits. These ingredients can ruin the various coatings that your lenses may have, such as anti-glare, and they can even damage the frame. Sticking with a mild dish detergent will be your glasses’ best friend. Also, do not use paper towels, tissues, or napkins to dry off your glasses. Paper products are rough and can scratch your lenses just like your shirt. A soft cotton towel is the most ideal way to dry your glasses.

Other Tips for Keeping Your Eyewear Clean

It can be frustrating when your glasses continually get dirty.  Sometimes it seems like they are dirty five minutes after you wash them! To keep your glasses fresh, minimize the amount of times you touch your glasses. Your hands’ natural oils can sully your specs very easily. In addition, don’t leave your glasses out in the open in the bathroom. Hairspray, perfume, or other products can leave a deposit of film all over your glasses, which may be hard to get off. Using your case when you aren’t wearing them will not only keep them safe, but also maintain their cleanliness. Essentially, the best practice for keeping your glasses clean is to be mindful of what is touching them and where you leave them.

Your glasses are not only a necessity for daily functioning; they are also an investment. Give your glasses a little TLC each day by cleaning them the right way with soap, warm water, and a cotton cloth. More importantly, don’t be caught red-handed using your shirt. Your glasses will definitely thank you for it.


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