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Cohen’s Fashion Optical Hosts a $2,000 Eyewear & Style Makeover Facebook Event

Before and After

New York, New York – August 9, 2013–  It was a happy Friday for everyone involved in the eyewear and style makeover event hosted by Cohen’s Fashion Optical in New York. Charity de Meer, the lucky winner of Cohen’s Fashion Optical’s Facebook sweepstakes, received $2,000 worth of goods and services including a stylish haircut and color at a prestigious NYC salon, a make-up session, and an eyewear shopping spree at the Cohen’s Fashion Optical flagship store.  “I was so happy I won”, Charity told us when we asked about her reaction to winning the sweepstakes.  “… and timing could not have been better as I am in dire need of a new cut and color!”

Charity de Meer is an aspiring actress and a professional photographer with a keen sense of fashion and a passion for narrative photography.  Charity shared with us that she discovers her subjects through observation and letting them do what they normally do, rather than trying to set up for a formal look or pose.   You can view Charity’s portfolio at her website www.charityphoto.com.

Charity arrived at the Mark Garrison Salon at 108 E 60th Street at 10:00 on a Friday morning ready for a complete style makeover.  First on the itinerary was a hair cut by Mark Garrison, a highly regarded hair stylist and salon owner.  Mark styled Charity’s hair with a shoulder-length cut that looked fun and effortless thanks to skillfully applied layers.

Mark Garrison cuts Charity’s hair

Mark Garrison cutting Charity’s hair

Next, Charity had her hair colored by one of the top New York hair color experts Beth Minardi. Charity wanted to keep her locks in the red family. To create the look, Beth Minardi used a dimensional shade-on-shade color technique and the shades she picked — woodsy-rich auburn, brilliant golden copper, and an allover base of a vibrant amber – produced such depth and richness of color that we could only marvel at the result. In fact, Minardi used a similar technique on Charity as she does for her other red-headed clients Julianne Moore and Rene Russo.

Beth Minardi applying different shades of color to Charity’s hair

Beth Minardi applying different shades of color to Charity’s hair

After the color was done, Marc gently blow-dried Charity’s hair and used big rollers to create a lift he needed for the final stage of styling later. Meanwhile, Charity proceeded to a make-up session with Isaac Olaizola, an experienced ‎freelance make-up artist at Estee Lauder, who likes to create a glamorous look which accentuates a woman’s best features naturally and brings out her eyes. Isaac’s objective is to create a look that brings forward his client’s personality rather than draws attention to the make-up itself. The look Isaac created for Charity was exactly that – sophisticated yet natural.

Charity’s make up by Isaac Olaiozla

Charity’s make up by Isaac Olaiozla

Marc Garrison completed the look by styling Charity’s hair and adding some final touches.

Mark Garrison adds the final touches to Charity’s new haircut.

Mark Garrison setting the style of Charity’s new haircut

With her new hair style sealed with some spray, laughs, and compliments from everyone at the salon, Charity headed to the Cohen’s Fashion Optical store at 767 Lexington Ave., where she searched for a perfect pair of sunglasses and reading glasses. Charity told us she likes Cohen’s Fashion Optical because it carries great designers and offers a huge selection of styles. Her one requirement for her new glasses was that they needed to be oversized.

After trying many pretty pairs, Charity picked a pair of Fendi reading glasses and Prada sunglasses, each featuring a tortoise shell frame. Her reading glasses were dual colors with the tortoise shell in the front and light colored temples and the sunglasses were an oversized cat-eye shape. Both glasses complemented Charity’s new hair style and make up beautifully.

At the end of the day, Charity had a great time and looked even more fabulous thanks to everyone at the Mark Garrison Salon and the Cohen’s Fashion Optical flagship store.


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