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Eye Spy Justin Timberlake

The 20/20 Experience

Eye spy Justin Timberlake and he’s not just in a suit and tie… JT is donning a spectacular new look in his latest album, The 20/20 Experience.  Emphasizing that his new material is “something you can see,” JT not only references eyewear in his album’s title but embraces optical imagery in its album cover.  Wanting to differentiate himself from his competitors and provide his fans with a true 20/20 experience, JT chose to incorporate a diverse range of rhythms and beats into his hottest tracks, such as Suit and Tie and Mirrors, to create a visually stimulating environment for his fans to enjoy while listening to his songs.  JT’s musical precision and intensely, beautiful ocular imagery truly sets his album apart from the rest.

Justin Timberlake_Eye Chart

Justin Timberlake is no stranger to eyewear.  Diagnosed with shortsightedness (myopia) in his youth, JT has to wear glasses in order to see clearly.  In fact, he has been rocking glasses since his *NSYNC days and continues to sport prescription glasses on both the big screen and in everyday life.  His SPECTACULAR influence of transforming the inevitable nerdy glasses into the sexiest accessory in fashion has earned him credits amongst fashion’s elite and made millions of fans all over the globe follow in his lead.  Check out some of our favorite eyewear looks from JT below!

Justin Timberlake_Gradual Fade Shades

Justin Timberlake_Tom Ford Snowdown Sunglasses

Justin Timberlake_Geek Chic

Justin Timberlake_Aviators


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