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Making Contact with Color: Colored Contact Lenses


The old saying goes, “Maybe she’s born with it…” Today, that statement can be followed up with many assumptions: “Maybe she’s got a great colorist, dermatologist, trainer.” Yes, we are born with what we’re born with – but thanks to science, trained professionals and some really smart people, we can pretty much enhance anything about ourselves these days. Hair extensions, lash extensions, cosmetic fillers, self-tanners, bronzers, highlights and, yes, colored contact lenses. We can change the color or look of something with the stroke of a brush or a blink of an eye.

You probably have fun switching up the color of your lipstick and nail polish – but have you considered colored contact lenses? If your first thought is, “But those look so fake…”, maybe it’s time to try on a pair. Newer technology allows for multi-tonal enhancement lenses that work with the natural color of your eye to give it an enhancement or a subtle shift. Then there are color tint contact lenses that do completely change the color of your eyes, like say, from brown to blue. The idea behind colored contacts is not to trick people into thinking you were born with the most perfect shade of hazel eyes. Think of it more as playing around with your look and accessorizing – like with a new pair of earrings or eyeshadow.

What You Should Know About Colored Contacts @ Cohen’s:    

At Cohen’s we carry Alcon Freshlook Colorblends & Alcon Air Optix Colors.  Both lenses incorporate the newest technology for optimal fit, breathability and comfort — there are even daily disposable options.  Air Optix Colors & Freshlook Colorblends have a patented 3-in-1 color technology that creates color enhancements in the outer ring to define the eye, primary color to transform eye color and the inner ring to brighten and add depth.

Screen shot 2014-10-27 at 11.52.15 AM

The multi-tonal technology allows for a natural look and allows the eyes to pop.  Th Air Optix Colors line has 9 colors to choose from, divided into “Subtle” and “Vibrant”.  You can find all the standard eye colors in the Subtle line, like Blue, Gray and Green — and our personal favorite, Purple Hazel.  If you are looking for a regular or daily solution for colored contacts, the Subtle line is the way to go.  For higher drama, a theatrical look or a big night out, go for the “Vibrant” choices that are outstanding in Brilliant Blue, Sterling Grey (perfect for the Twilight Fans) and Honey!  If you are not sure where to begin and can’t even imagine yourself in colored lenses, Air Optix has a great virtual try-on application.  Just upload a pic and you can try on different colors before you stop in for an eye exam or fitting: Alcon Air Optix

What Color Should You Try?

Another fun thing we found is the Eye Color Personality Quiz.  It takes only 60 seconds and it will bring you through a series of pretty funny questions that ultimately determine what color eyes would suit you on any given day.  Based on the quiz, our eyes should be Blue today!  We’re not saying that each morning you should take the test and switch up your eye color accordingly — but with so many options, you certainly can!  Take the quiz now!

Screen shot 2014-10-27 at 12.10.40 PM

Why Cohen’s for Colored Contact Lenses?  

Adding a new color to your eyes is a way to switch up a look, play on color tones in an outfit or have a little fun.  In additional to everyday and occasional wear colored contact lenses, Cohen’s is stocked with fun seasonal Halloween Contacts as well to put your look over the top.  If you’ve always been curious about what you might look like with baby blues or you just want to go out and dance with Vampire Eyes, stop by your local Cohen’s and we’ll show you some colored contacts that might be right for you.

If you try out the Air Optix Virtual Try-on, feel free to share your favorite color with us on Facebook.com/cohensoptical or on Twitter/Instagram @CohensOptical!  We want to see you in color!


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